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Some problems with scandinavian letters for example: File37=Joulu\\Tarja Turunen - Henkäys ikuisuudesta\\09 - Mökit nukkuu lumiset.mp3
Title37=Henkdys ikuisuudesta - 9 - Mvkit nukkuu lumiset
oddgravitySee below... no Unicode support in the near future.

Alexej Smutny
Great tool, but I have the button bar damaged (???I am using XP style???) and I miss unicode support (Slovakia)
oddgravityRare toolbar problems will be fixed in the next version. Unicode support isn't planned up to now, sorry.

Very simple and powerful tool! congratulation.
What I miss? I would really like the option "shuffle list now" ..
oddgravityThe next version will contain the shuffling feature.

The new version is so pro.

Way to go

I lined to on my site.

Gordon Gates
Playlist Creator is a very helpful, intuitive program. Thanks so much.

Network Info is coooooooooooooooooool

I must say: Still an awesome program, and the newest release is even better.

Playlist Creator - 10/10 - very nice, easy to use and works "straight out of the box". I have been looking for a simple way to allow my children to create playlists to then use on the Squeezeboxes in their rooms (easier than using the remote or slimserver).
This could be just the ticket BUT, it would be good to add a feature to edit existing playlists.
oddgravitySince Playlist Creator 3.5 it's possible to edit existing playlists.

Sou do Brazil, e parabens pelo software Create playlists, muito bom, mesmo.
É o melhor criador de playlist que ja utilizei, assim que puder estarei fazendo uma doação pra vocês tomarem umas cervejas... Abraços à Todos

Einfaches und absolut nützliches Programm.Das einzige was mich stört ist das man seine Playlist nach dem speichern nicht mehr verändern kann.Gestern habe ich eine Playlist angefangen und heute kann ich nicht mehr weiter machen, weil man sie nicht in den PlaylistCreator laden kann.Wenn das noch gehen würde, dann wäre PlaylistCreator perfekt.
oddgravityFunktioniert seit Version 3.5

Great bit of software, keep up the good work

your playlist creator is the best really i liket so much but i speck spanish and dont have spanish translation :'( if some one can do somethink for me plz well bye!!!!

ypur playlist creator is a great program. i just downloaded it today.
i have a question. i am using it to create m3u files to drag into an XM inno along with mp3 files so that it automatically creates a playlist.
the thing is. the playlistis created with the whole link to the location as opposed to just the name of the song. since all the songs are int he same folder i don't need the extra info.
am i missing a setting that will just create the list of songs and no other info?
PS: beer money forthcoming if this is a feature of your program!

Playlist Creator is a pretty good piece of software. Thanks for the effort. As the previous poster noted, the one essential feature it lacks is the adding (or appending) to existing playlist. If displaying the current contents of existing playlist is a pain to progam, then just letting users to provide the name of existing playlist file and then the software appending to that existing file would be sufficient at this point in time.

Keep up the good work

Playlist editor - So close to being what I'm looking for...
Two must haves for me:
Edit/add-to existing playlists and
Sort playlist (esp. randomize)