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Richard S
Thanks so much for creating and maintaining a fine piece of software that's made my life easier many times. Best wishes for success in your future endeavors.
oddgravityMany thanks for your kind words! :D

Peter Fernandes
Sorry to hear that oddgravity will be discontinued t=by the end of this year. Please open source this project and let other users know a link.


oddgravityThanks for your feedback. I will open source it. Presumably it will be released on GitHub.

Nick Helbren
I am trying to convert a Windows playlist to a .m3u format and add to it but when I try to import the .wpl file it says it is empty when I can open it in WMP

Awesome piece of software. Would like to suggest four abilities.

1. Show total time of playlist
2. Show full song metadata (Title, Artist, Album, Length, Year, Genre)
3. Be able to print playlist with metadata
4. Shortcut key for shuffle ability (CTRL-S) ???

Thanks, and again, awesome software :)

Keith Kreider
Seems like the type of program that I need to use but it will not read a mapped nor a network drive. ??

Mike Jocelyn
Can you add the ability to "randomize" the order of a playlist?
oddgravityJust right-click on the playlist and select "Shuffle playlist items".

Could you please upload source code to GitHub? I am sure many people would like to improve this software so it can become even more powerful :-)

Italo Vantore
very good but....
1) need to know total time of the playlist
2) need option for save only the filename
3) stay on top when dragging/dropping from explorer
4) what about other languages then de/uk?

Hi, just to let you know, there is a bug when opening m3u lists created with pc3 which reference UNC paths.

List can be created ok with UNC paths, but pc3 incorrectly reads it back.

For example: mynasdrivec-mediaMusicHitstest.mp3

Otherwise, great little app.

Red 2019
Playlist Creator 3.6.2 is one of the best and useful progs I have, thank you for your work.

Playlist Creator really is a triumph. I could not be more grateful for it. Thank you very much. If I were to propose improvements, could I propose being able to drag songs/blocks of songs up and down a playlist with the mouse/pointer, instead of having to click on the arrow to move up or down. Also, dragging songs from Windows Explorer does not appear to work as intended. Thanks again!
oddgravityThanks for your comment. You can move blocks of songs using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down). Check the help for more shortcuts.

Playlist Creator 3.6.2 is one of the best things I've found online this year. Simple, smart and sleek. I could not believe it when in less than a minute it created a m3u file of 78 songs. You must love music as much as I do, Michael, to creat this wonderful program. Everyone who loves and store digitla music MUST have this installed. Thanks a lot. Maybe if I'm in Stuggart sometime, I'd say hi. If I could afford it, I'd make a donation, but being in DE without much Germany makes for trouble, finding work. But hey, it's a beauty to know you. I've not tried this on a network yet, where all my music is held. But if it's not a feature, I hope someday you'd add it to select from a network drive/folder. Thanks so much for this, Michael.

Lovely software.. simple and fast! Thanks!

Thank you for that nice little tool which seems to be doing exactly what it's meant to do, and not more.
I still am too young using it to give a full evaluation of it but from what I have seen so far, it is the exact require tool for those like me who don't want to use iTunes or WMP.
I will definitely consider a donation.

Rick Berger
Thanks for using this programm

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