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The programs you find on this website have been developed in my spare time. All programs are released as freeware. Thus using my programs is free of charge and there are no functional restrictions at all.

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  1. Frank Wagner
  2. Ronny Vogel
  3. Fokke Nauta
  4. Peter Leutwiler
  5. Stephen Balmer
  6. Nick Moon
  7. Keith Engel
  8. Hans Peter Gassen
  9. Richard Ploechl
  10. Inventor eFX Technology LLC
  11. Paul Ashby
  12. Peter Leutwiler
  13. Leon Vlug
  14. Clarke Martin
  15. Richard Davis
  16. Paul Wilson
  17. Matthew Kinross
  18. Gianluca Giugni
  19. Stefan Zwirner
  20. Monika Stölten

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